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Ready to Learn!

We at Start Right Supplies understand that family responsibilities, extra-curricular activities, community events and daily life are just a few of the things that are causing parents’ and students’ to-do lists to appear seemingly insurmountable! The climate of careers and work has also changed. Shift work, long hours, home businesses, multiple jobs and working away from individual’s home communities are just some of the challenges that parents and guardians must navigate.

Start Right Supplies is the combined concept of three family members who wanted to get involved in providing quality products and convenience to school communities, families and students. Our partnership group consists of three teachers who all have invested interests in communities and the education of young people. Our experience has helped us understand that there is a distinct relationship between schools, caregivers and their responsibility to make available the supplies and materials that students will need to have success and enjoy their school experiences.

We aim to bring ease and convenience to your lives by streamlining school supply shopping and delivering it directly to your schools, or your home, so that when class starts students are Ready to Learn!

Our Team Members

Jason Bourdon
Jason BourdonOwner
Danny Earl
Danny EarlOwner, Founder
Mike Knight
Mike KnightOwner, Founder