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Welcome to the dedicated page for WP Sandin School on Star Right Supplies! We are proud to partner with them to provide all the essential supplies for your child’s academic journey. Discover our curated selection of top-quality school supplies tailored specifically for WP Sandin School students. Shop with ease and confidence, knowing you are supporting your school community. Let’s make this school year the best one yet!

  •   This complete kit has been custom made by WP Sandin School! The items below are all items required for the first day of class. Purchases through Start Right Supplies will be labelled and delivered directly to the school for the first day of classes. In addition, the school has requested the following items that are not available through Start Right Supplies:
    • 1 pair non-marking gym shoes
    • gym clothes
    • 1 200 pg notebook


All purchases from our School Specific Kits help your school earn fundraising dollars. 


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