Frequently Asked Questions

Start Right Supplies offers two forms of shipping:

1. Shipping Directly to School

When a school has partnered with Start Right Supplies and kits are purchased using that their specific SchoolCode, all supplies for that school will be delivered prior to the first day of classes.

2. Shipping to Address

When individual orders are purchased they will be shipped to the address provided in the checkout process. These orders will be delivered in a few short weeks unless otherwise notified. All shipping to address is fulfilled through Canada Post.

If you have forgotten or lost your password, please visit the “My Account” drop box and select “Lost Password”. You  will be guided through the steps needed to access your account and asked to provide your email address or user name. The best way to get help with your account pertaining to other issues, is by using our site based email inquiries area. If your account issue is more urgent, we recommend calling our inquiries line listed in the “Contact Us” area of the website.
Our supplies are sourced almost entirely through Western Canadian wholesalers although there are a few items we purchase out of Northern USA.
Shipping is determined by a calculation including distance, and total shipping weight of the items you have purchased. Our rates are determined by Canada Post.
1. Customers purchasing School Specific Kits:
When a school is partnered with Start Right Supplies and a School Specific Kit is purchased, all supplies ordered under each school’s specific SchoolCode will be delivered to the associated school. All School Specific Kits are delivered in the 2 weeks leading up to the first day of school.

2. All other customers and purchases.
All other orders are shipped to the address provided during checkout and should be received in a few short weeks. Customers are responsible charged based on Canada post’s standard shipping rates.

Return/Exchange Policy:


Start Right Supplies agrees to grant a full refund of the original item(s) purchase price under the strict stipulation that all items are returned in “like new” condition and received by Start Right Supplies no later than 30 days from the date it was shipped to customer. Shipping of return items will be at the customer’s expense.

Any items that are damaged, modified, or without original packaging will result in denial of return or exchange. All items that appear to have been damaged in the shipping or packaging process as determined by Start Right Supplies will be exchanged at no cost to the customer.

Our return/exchange policy is also outlined in our Terms of Service.

For any changes or cancellations of an order, include order number and change requested in an email addressed to [email protected]. All orders can be changed or cancelled prior to shipping.
Start Right Supplies not only supports education, but communities as well, and because of our commitment to those areas, we offer two unique fundraising options.

Option 1: 10% of every $100 sold using your school’s SchoolCode gets turned around and given directly back in cash.

Option 2: 12% of every $100 sold using your school’s SchoolCode, is rolled into a store credit to be used to purchase bonus supplies for your school and students.

Schools that choose to partner with Start Right Supplies will be provided with a SchoolCode that parents use to access and purchase custom created kits for each grade or teacher in the school. Parents and students that choose to use this option will have their supplies delivered in our unique packaging to their school prior to day 1 so that when it’s time to get down to business, students are Ready to Learn!

All orders must be submitted by July 24th, 2016.

Any orders placed after July 24th will not be eligible for school fundraising. Any orders placed after August 12th cannot be guaranteed to arrive before school starts. Please contact us using the form on this page to inquire if you are still able to order past July 31st.

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