This complete kit has been custom made by Big River Community High School! The items below are all items required for the first day of class. Purchases through Start Right Supplies will be labelled and delivered directly to the school for the first day of classes.

In addition, the school has requested the following items that are not available through Start Right Supplies:

  • 2 “B” Art Drawing Pencils
  • 1 customizable 1.5″ Binder with front page display (for Career & Work Exploration 10)
  • 100 page notebook (for English 10, 20, 30)
  • 1 16″ x 20″ canvas (for Art 10)
  • 1 pack of Art crayons (for Art 10)
  • Non-marking gym shoes and gym clothing (T-shirt & shorts or sweats)
  • 2 locker locks (one for phys. ed)