This complete kit has been custom made by Hague Elementary School! The items below are all items required for the first day of class. Purchases from Start Right Supplies will include stick on name labels and delivery to the school will be arranged through a school contact.

In addition, the school has requested the following items that are not available through Start Right Supplies:

  • Change of Clothes – place in a large Ziplock bag labelled with the student’s name. This bag will
    stay at school in case of bathroom or water mishaps, etc. when a change of clothes is needed.
    Photos (2) – Please email me a current photo of your child and a family photo. I will use their
    individual photo for labelling (ie: lockers), and I will put the family photo on a “Our PreK Families”
    bulletin board. My email is [email protected]
  • Indoor Shoes – should be non-marking runners. Your child will put these on each day inside the
    school; they are intended for both classroom and gym use.
    Snack (daily, nut-free) – HES is a nut-aware environment and it is very important that snacks do
    not contain nuts. Some ideas for snacks are: veggies & dip, cut up fruit, yogurt, a muffin, a granola
    bar, cookies, etc.


  • * Please label your child’s shoes, water bottle, outdoor gear, lunch bags, backpacks, etc., as this will
    help prevent mix-ups and items from potentially becoming lost.